Debatching Incoming X12 Document Sets

Purchase orders (POs) sent in X12 format are typically enclosed in a GS envelope, which is in turn enclosed in an ISA envelope. In order to process the POs, they must be debatched: that is, separated so that each PO is enclosed in its own GSA and ISA envelopes, as shown in ISA, GS, and ST Debatching.

Figure 1. ISA, GS, and ST Debatching

This page shows how GearCo uses Document Types to debatch an ISA envelope containing a GS and multiple STs.

Before you begin

Get Started

  1. In the CONFIGURATION section of the left-hand navigation pane on the Company Information Page, click Document Definitions.

    The Document Types Page appears.

Figure 2. Document Types Page
  1. On the Document Types Page, click New.

    The Document Type Page appears.

Figure 3. Document Type Page

Create Document Types

  1. In the Standard box, select X12.

  2. In the Version box, select 5010.

  3. In the Message Type box, select PO (850 - Purchase Order).

    To create the GS, click Save.

    The Saving X12 Document Type box appears.

Figure 4. Saving X12 Document Type Box
  1. In the Saving X12 Document Type Box, click Auto-generate Inbound ISA and GS to generate these Document Types.

    If the Document Types are successfully generated, messages to that effect appear in the Saving X12 Document Type Box.

    If you do not want to generate these Document Types - for example, when you want to specify custom fields for a given document type or types - click Continue Without Linking.

  2. In the Saving X12 Document Type Box, click Continue.

    The Document Types Page appears, displaying the three new documents:

    • The parent ISA document type, with one child document type (the GSA)

    • The GSA document type, which is both a parent (of the 850 document type) and a child (of the ISA)

    • The 850 Purchase Order (hereafter cited as "the 850") document type, which is a child of the GSA.

Figure 5. Document Types Page

Verify Debatching Settings

  1. To verify that the PO document type you have created is set to debatch, on the Document Types Page, click the PO.

    The Document Type Page appears, displaying the details of the 850.

  2. On the Document Type Page, click Parents.

    The Document Type Page, Parents Tab appears, displaying the parent GS.

Figure 6. Document Type Page, Parents Tab

About Automatic Debatching

Note that, in Document Type Page, Parents Tab, automatic debatching is selected for the GS Document Type, and a shredding path is configured; if you were to view the corresponding page and tab for the GS and ISA documents, you would see that they are also configured in this manner. Thus, when this ISA Document Type is received, it will automatically debatch from an ISA containing a GS containing x 850s to x separate ISAs, each containing a GS and an 850, as shown in ISA, GS, and ST Debatching.