1. Start PortX. The Transaction Monitoring Page appears.

  2. In the left-hand navigation pane, in the CONFIGURATION section, click Partners and Applications. The Partners and Applications Page appears.

Figure 1. Partners and Applications Page
  1. In the Partners section of the left-hand navigation pane on the Company Information Page, click Identifiers.

    The Identifiers Page appears.

Figure 2. Identifiers Page

Edit Identity Settings

  1. On the Identifiers Page, click the value in the Type column of the identifier you want to edit.

    The Identifier Page appears.

Figure 3. Identifier Page
  1. Edit settings as appropriate.

Create New Identity Settings

  1. On the Identifiers Page, click New.

    The New Identifier Page appears.

Figure 4. New Identifier Page
  1. In the Type box, click the down-arrowhead.

    The list of types appears.

  2. Click the type of identifier you want to create.

    More identifier boxes appear. The specific boxes that appear depend on your choice in this step.

  3. Enter values in the boxes.

  4. Click Save to save the new identifier.